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WordPress Theme: Underground Film

Underground Film WordPress theme

Below is the generic Read Me file that also comes with the theme. But, I plan to update this page with more detailed info on how to customize the theme.

You can download the Underground Film Theme through your WordPress dashboard by searching for “Underground Film.” Or you can download it from the official WordPress Theme directory. Thank you for visiting!

Theme Name: Underground Film
Description: Theme designed specifically for filmmakers to promote their film.
Version: 1.2
Author: Mike Everleth

While the theme “Underground Film” was designed to help promote a single film, it can be adapted for other resources.

Below highlights some of those resources so that it works properly. A more detailed set of instructions with images, can be found at this web address:

1. **Supports WordPress Custom Menu**
The main navigation for this theme comes from WordPress’ Custom Menu option.

To do this:

a. After installing WordPress and “Underground Film” as your theme, in your WordPress admin area, click on the “Menus” link under the “Appearance” header.
b. On the “Menus” page, enter a menu name and click the “Create Menu” button.
c. Then, where it says “Theme Locations,” choose your menu from the “Main navigation menu” dropdown menu. And click “Save.”
d. Now start adding Pages, Categories and/or Links to your menu. **When you’re done adding everything, make sure you click the “Save Menu” button**

2. **Fully WordPress Widgetized!**
Add whatever widgets you want from the Admin menu to the sidebar. **But, you DO NOT need to add the Custom Menu widget — the Menu is hardcoded into the sidebar.

3. **Special Trailer Page**
I have created a special trailer page so that video floats in the middle of the page.

To get this to work:

a. Create a new page called “Trailer”
b. Input your video code in the main editing screen.
c. On the right-side of your page editing screen, there’s a dropdown box called “Template.” Select “Trailer” as the Template. Then, click the “Publish” button. **You can add text to this page and it will show up, but it’s best to just have the video.

4. **Make Trailer Page Your Default Landing Page**
You can make your Trailer page your default landing page, and have your blog posts display separately.

a. First, make a new Page called “Blog.” Do NOT add any content to this page. (If you do, it’ll just get ignored.) (You do NOT have to select a Template! It’ll just go to the default.)
b. In the WordPress admin sidebar, click the “Reading” link under the “Settings” header tab.
b. On the “Reading” page, where it says “Front page displays,” first choose “A static page.”
c. Then, from the “Front page” dropdown menu, select “Trailer.” (Actually, you can choose any page you want, but Trailer works best as a default.)
d. Next, from the “Posts page” dropdown menu, select the “Blog” page you just created.
e. Click the “Save Changes” button.
f. ***Go back to the “Menus” admin screen and add the “Blog” page to your custom “Film” menu, otherwise your visitors won’t be able to get to your blog***