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November 27, 2021

1958 Movie Journal: Jonas Mekas’ First Columns

Introductory text to Jonas Mekas's first Movie Journal column

The November 12, 1958 edition of The Village Voice featured the first installment of the column "Movie Journal" by Jonas Mekas.

"Movie Journal" would become what the Underground Film Journal would argue was the most significant organizing tool of avant-garde cinema created by Jonas, even more so than the Film-makers' Cooperative and the Anthology Film Archives he helped found. But what was the column like before it gained such notoriety?

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April 14, 2019

Swinging The Lambeth Walk — Len Lye

Swinging The Lambeth Walk by Len Lye (1939).

In 1939, as Britain waged war with Germany, filmmaker Len Lye stayed in London to work; and visited his pregnant wife Jane and their son Bix, who had evacuated the city to stay at a friend's farm in Scotland, on the weekends. According to Len Lye: A Biography by Roger Horrocks, Lye was too old (38) and recovering from an appendectomy to fight in the war. Struggling for money, Lye found a financial respite when the British Council for the Travel and Industrial Development Association agreed to sponsor a new film.

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