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Underground Resources: Index

Below is a list of websites that primarily publish material about underground film, filmmakers and filmmaking. The list is ordered in strictly alphabetical order by website name and was compiled by myself, Clint Enns, Jennifer MacMillan and Marcos Ortega.

If you have an underground film website and would like to be added to the list, please feel free to contact me using the Underground Film Journal’s contact form. Also, please feel free to copy this list and post it to your own underground film website.

  1. The Academic Hack
  2. Art Cinematic
  3. Bright Lights Film Journal
  4. Cineflyer
  5. Cinemad
  6. Create Digital Motion
  7. Destructural Video
  8. DINCA
  9. Donal Foreman
  10. Expanded Cinema
  11. Experimental Cinema
  12. Experimental Conversations
  13. Exploding Cinema
  14. Flicker
  15. Gazelluloid
  16. Gentle Ride Van
  17. INCITE!
  18. Invisible Cinema
  19. Landscape Suicide
  20. La Region Central
  21. LUX Blog
  22. Making Light of It
  23. Mellart
  24. More Milk Yvette
  25. Not Dead Yet (I Love 16mm)
  26. One + One Filmmakers Journal
  27. Pictures
  28. Recycled Images
  29. Re:Voir
  30. Rhizome
  31. Senses of Cinema
  32. Snuff Box Films
  33. Supposed Aura
  34. Tank TV
  35. Ubu Web
  36. Underground Film Journal
  37. Visionary Film
  38. Visiones Metaforicas

Underground Resources: Index