Underground Film Journal

Underground Film Resource Center

This is an index of all the special lists and other resources found on the Underground Film Journal created to help underground filmmakers and fans alike.

Underground Film Archive
List of Artifacts, Programs/Calendars, Magazines, and Books in the Underground Film Journal’s archive of material

Film Festivals
Comprehensive list of underground film festivals all over the globe, including screening dates and submission entry deadlines. Updated regularly.

Every single feature film, and some short films, that have been reviewed on the Underground Film Journal. Currently includes over 130 films.

List of all modern, working filmmakers who have been featured prominently on the Underground Film Journal. Currently includes over 150 filmmakers.

Movie theaters, microcinemas and screening series all over the country that regularly program underground and independent films. Many events at these locations are listed in the Underground Film Journal’s Screenings section.

DVD distributors that have released underground films, including the actual titles of the films they’ve released.

Film Schools
A list of North American film schools that have underground filmmakers on their faculty.

This is the “underground film loop,” all the sites on the Internet that primarily write about underground, avant-garde and experimental films.

A list of every single book written on underground film history and the filmmakers that make them.

Film Culture Index
An index of all the issues of Film Culture in the archive of the Underground Film Journal.

This massive project is a work in progress listing in chronological order every major significant event in underground film history, including films made in each year.

DVD Underground
This is a list of DVDs and DVD box sets that have classic underground films on them.

Resources Posts
This is the index for all the regular news posts and editorials written for the Underground Film Journal that feature tips, inspirations, historical information and more for underground filmmakers, bloggers and fans.

Social Links
Places around the web where you can find the Underground Film Journal being socially active.

These are the categories that the Journal has posted in over the years. Most of this information is out of date if you’re looking for “news,” but there’s a ton of excellent historical info in here:
Underground Film News
Online Cinema
Movie Reviews
Call for Entries
Book Reviews
Underground Film Notes
DVD Releases