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Underground Film Press is the new e-publishing arm of Underground Film Journal, which is releasing the shooting scripts of hit independent movies for electronic devices. SEE THE FILM, THEN READ THE SCREENPLAY!

Currently, Underground Film Press has four releases:

1. Bane, written by James Eaves. Four women awake with amnesia in an underground cell where they soon discover that they are part of a secret experiment with no obvious purpose.  They are visited at night, one by one, by the SURGEON who cuts a four digit number into each woman’s skin… The exact time he will return to kill them!

Script Available: Kindle | Nook
Film Available: Amazon

2. Hunting Season, written by Nathan Wrann. Six friends go camping deep in the woods for “the best weekend ever.” But after a chance encounter turns deadly, a pair of sadistic hunters sets out to wreak relentless, violent revenge. (Co-published with Dalton Gang Press.)

Script Available: Kindle
Film Available: Amazon | IndiePix

3. Altamont Now, written by Joshua Brown and David Bucci. Adapted from the stage play by Bucci. Richard Havoc is a post-punk superstar who holes up in an abandoned nuclear missile silo with his cult of angry white youth followers, planning a completely misguided “revolution.” It’s all fun and games until the nuclear missiles are launched. Let the countdown begin!

Script Available: Kindle | Nook
Film Available: Amazon | Netflix | iTunes

4. The Proper Care & Feeding of an American Messiah, written by Christopher J. Hansen and D.M. Lovic. Meet Brian B., your local regionally-appointed messiah, who suffers from anger management issues and gastrointestinal distress. With the help of his two sycophantic siblings, he just might have a chance at discovering his “special purpose” and gain some actual followers. Well, he might, but not very likely…

Script Available: Kindle | Nook
Film Available: Amazon | iTunes | Hulu