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Underground Film Links: May 20, 2012

Too Hot to Handle ad artwork

Temple of Schlock has the skeevy ad mat for 1977’s Too Hot to Handle, of which I’ve appropriated part of the image just because I think the site needs a half-naked lady on it today.

More stories about the films and filmmakers at Migrating Forms this week: CinemaScope on Ben Rivers and Sylvain George; Jonathan Rosenbaum on Raul Ruiz; and n+1 on Harun Farocki.

Courtney Sell writes about his inaugural AssDance Film Festival.

Cartoonist Sam Henderson reprints an old review of his of Robert Downey Sr.’s Up the Academy, a film I really want to see again and see if deserves the maligning it typically gets.

Robert Koehler has several dispatches from the Post-Sarkozy Cannes: Moonrise Kingdom; After the Battle; Rust & Bone; Mekong Hotel; Paradise: Love.

The always awesome J. J. Murphy reviews Amy Seimetz’s Sun Don’t Shine, saying “the real surprise turns out to be the film’s assured and poetic visual style.”

Making Light of It scans and posts the article “Film, Perception and Cognitive Psychology” by Virginia Brooks from Millennium Film Journal.

IndieWire reports on Robert Beavers presenting the work of Gregory Markopoulos.

BadAzz MoFo reminds me that I miss Jack Davis poster artwork.