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Underground Film Links: August 14, 2011

By Mike Everleth ⋅ August 14, 2011

Photo of a young Nathaniel Dorsky
  1. This week’s Must Read: Photographic portraits of the filmmaker as a young man: The early creative life of Nathaniel Dorsky. Pictures, yes, plus lots of great autobio info.
  2. Underground film distributor Canyon Cinema is moving this weekend and Maia Cybelle has some Flickr photos of the move. A brief post-move mention on the Canyon blog says they have moved to Yosemite Place in San Francisco, CA.
  3. The Melbourne Underground Film Festival, which begins this week, has an official blog written by JJ DeCeglie. Although the fest is yet to start, DeCeglie is already busy interviewing founder Richard Wolstencroft and Jury Head Jimmy Jack; and has written other articles.
  4. Cinemad has a new podcast up, this time with comedian, actor and filmmaker Bobcat Goldthwait.
  5. Rick Trembles sends Final Destination 5 to Motion Picture Purgatory.
  6. The Arizona Underground Film Festival has a snazzy, newly redesigned website you need to check out. The fest will run next month.
  7. The Reel Bits previews the Sydney Underground Film Festival, which starts early next month.
  8. Remember the ’80s bike movie BMX by Hal Needham? Probably not, but the film is 25 years old this year and it’s being celebrated very much in Calgary where it was partially filmed. A special anniversary event for BMX is being co-organized by Brenda Lieberman of the Calgary Underground Film Festival.
  9. The KDK Horror Network has jumped on the Waylon Bacon Help Wanted bandwagon.
  10. This director pre-test screening anxiety confession by Robert G. Putka is very personal and interesting.
  11. Sad to learn indie film distributors were being heavily affected by the recent London riots. Electric Sheep has some info.
  12. The Phantom of Pulp can cry after all. Then, he goes all ape.
  13. Chopping Mall flashes back to Oasis of Fear, which sounds like goofy fun.
  14. Bob Moricz contemplates the unfair judgements made against female artists.
  15. Roger Ebert reflects on smelly cinema.
  16. The Pictures underground film zine has a new free download issue out with articles on Angelique Bosio, Bruce LaBruce, David Wojnaricz and others.
  17. Cineflyer presents the battle of the century: Winnipeg vs. Berlin.

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