Underground Film Journal

Underground Film Journal’s Movie Viewing List

Below is a list of movies — both mainstream and underground — that the Underground Film Journal has viewed. It is organized in reverse chronological order: Most recently viewed on top to movies seen the longest time ago on the bottom. The list was started in late Sept. 2013.

The list includes the film title, year it was completed, director’s name and either the venue where screened or the home delivery system used, such as DVD or VOD service.

January 2014

The Iceman
(2012, Ariel Vromen, commercial DVD)

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
(2013, Peter Jackson, DVD screener)

Captain Phillips (2nd viewing)
(2013, Paul Greengrass, DVD screener)

December 2013

(2014, Alexander Payne, DVD screener)

Lone Survivor
(2014, Peter Berg, DVD screener)

Blue Jasmine
(2013, Woody Allen, DVD screener)

American Hustle
(2013, David O. Russell, DVD screener)

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
(2013, Ben Stiller, DVD screener)

Captain Phillips
(2013, Paul Greengrass, DVD screener)

Messiah of Evil
(1975, Willard Huyck, YouTube upload)

Massacre at Central High
(1976, Renee Daalder, YouTube upload)

November 2013

The Art of the Steal
(2009, Don Argott, commercial DVD)

Gravity (2nd viewing)
(2013, Alfonso Cuaron, DVD screener)

Inside Llewyn Davis
(2013, Ethan & Joel Coen, Arclight Hollywood, Preview screening)

Juvenile Offender
(2013, Kang Yi-Kwan, AFI Fest: Chinese Theaters)

Dallas Buyers Club
(2013, Jean-Marc Vallée, DVD screener)

A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness
(2013, Ben Russell and Ben Rivers, AFI Fest: Chinese Theaters)

Two 14-year-old Georgian girls

Vic + Flo Saw a Bear
(2013, Denis Côté, AFI Fest: Chinese Theaters)

In Bloom
(2013, Nana Ekvtimishvili and Simon Groß, AFI Fest: Chinese Theaters)

The Fake
(2013, Yeon Sang-ho, AFI Fest: Chinese Theaters)

Idaho Transfer
(1975, Peter Fonda, Digital file)

Hell on Wheels
(2007, Bob Ray, Amazon Kindle)

Quick Billy
(1970, Bruce Baillie, Redcat Theater)

The Exiles
(1961, Kent MacKenzie, commercial DVD)

In a World…
(2013, Lake Bell, DVD screener)

October 2013

The Burning
(1981, Tony Maylam, Digital file)

(1973, Brian De Palma, Cable TV: TCM)

Darktown Strutters
(1975, William Witney, YouTube upload)

(2013, Alfonso Cuaron, Arclight Sherman Oaks)

“Let Your Light Shine: Handmade Films by Jodie Mack” (RedCat Theater)
New Fancy Foils (2013)
Undertone Overture (2013)
Dusty Stacks of Mom (2013)
Glistening Thrills (2013)
Let Your Light Shine (2013)

American Pop
(1981, Ralph Bakshi, Digital file)

September 2013

Scenes of a Crime
(2011, Grover Babcock & Blue Hadaegh, VOD: Apple TV)

(2013, Denis Villeneuve, Arclight Sherman Oaks)

Los Angeles Plays Itself (Remastered & Re-edited version premiere)
(2003, Thom Andersen, Egyptian Theatre)

World War Z
(2013, Marc Forster, VOD: Apple TV)

“Assorted Morsels: A Suite of Films by Amy Halpern” (Echo Park Film Center)
Invocation (1982)
Injury on a Theme (2012)
Pouring Grain (2012)
By Halves (2012)
Palm Down (2012)
Chesire Smile (2012)
Access to the View (2000)
3 Minute Hells: 1, Detention; 2, Hollywood Hills; 3, Reptile; 4, Bestiary; 5, Abstract and Concrete; 6, Doorway Occupation; 7, Sideways (2012)
Elixir (2012)

The Act of Killing
(2012, Joshua Oppenheimer w/Anonymous & Christine Cynn,  Downtown Independent Theatre)

You’re Next
(2011, Adam Wingard, Arclight Sherman Oaks)