Underground Film Journal

Underground Film Archive: Theater Programs / Calendars

Collection of movie theater programs that include underground film screenings.

Musée du Cinéma, 1 program. July 6 — September 29, 1949. “250 Films D’essai et d’Avant-Garde”, an essay and avant-garde film festival, featuring mostly European filmmakers, but some Americans included as well.

Cinema ’53, 1 program. January 6 — April 21, 1953.

Program cover for Cinema Series 53 at Tufts University
Program calendar for Cinema Series 53 at Tufts University

Presented by The School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts at Tufts University in Boston. Described as “a comprehensive study of the motion picture as an art form on artists past and present.”

Festival Theatre, 1 program. No date given, but sometime after 1965. Bills itself as screening The New American Cinema and as the Underground Cinematheque with experimental and underground flicks screening Saturday midnights and Sunday 2:30pm. This is program No. 009, screening “flicks” by Arthur Lipsett, Benjamin Hayeem, David Holden, and more.

Surf Theatre programs, 1964-67. Located on Irving at 46th Avenue in San Francisco, CA. A repertory theater showing older Hollywood classics and foreign films. Occasionally held underground film screenings. 13 original programs in the Archive, plus one duplicate. Read here about the underground film screenings.

11 O’Clock Underground. November 19, 1965 — January 8, 1966. At the Gate Theater in Sausalito, CA. Presented in cooperation with Canyon Cinema and the San Francisco Mime Troupe. Includes the world premiere of Bruce Baillie‘s Quixote (Watch) on November 26-27.

National Film Theatre, 1 program. April — June, 1968. Films from the New American Cinema movement were screened on April 22-28.

Underground Cinema 12, 14 programs, various between March 1968 to December 1972. From various theaters that screened Underground Cinema 12 programs. Collection includes photocopies of press clippings of a few screenings. Read here about Underground Cinema 12.

Anthology Film Archives. November 10 — December 22, 1972. The 16th cycle of the Anthology’s Essential Cinema collection. Anthology was located at 425 Lafayette Street in NYC at the time.

Theatre Vanguard. March 20 & 27, 1973. The March 20 screening was of John Witney films, including Permutations, Osaka, and Matrix. The March 27 screening was of Chick Strand films, including Angel, Blue Sweet Wings, Anselmo, Kulu Se Mama, Waterfall, and Mosori Monika; as well as films by Strand’s husband Neon Park, such as War Zone.

AFI Theater Preview. April 5 — May 23, 1984. No underground film content.

New York Underground Film Festival selections from the 7th annual edition. May 15, 2000. Event held as part of Ocularis at Galapagos art and performance space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC. Screened films by Bryan Boyce, Matt McCormick, Jennet Thomas, Xan Price, Reynold Reynolds, Stom Sogo, and others.