Underground Film Journal

Underground Film Archive: Film Exhibition Catalogues

Catalogues of avant-garde and experimental film screenings that happened at museums or were part of a touring program.

Art In Cinema: A Symposium Of The Avantgarde Film At The San Francisco Museum Of Art

  • 1947. Reprinted by Arno Press in 1968. Program book edited by Frank Stauffacher. One of the first major retrospectives of avant-garde film in the U.S.

Bruce Conner: Sculpture / Assemblages / Drawings / Films

  • September 20 to October 24, 1965. Held at The Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University. Described as the “first major museum exhibition” of the art of Bruce Conner. Films shown were Cosmic Ray 1 (1961); Ray 2 (1961-65); Ray 3 (1961-65); and Looking for Mushrooms (1961-65).

Projected Images

  • September 21 to November 3, 1974. Held at the Walker Art Center Minneapolis. An exhibition of “environmental works that depend upon specific light sources for their existence.” Features work by Peter Campus, Rockne Krebs, Paul Sharits, Michael Snow, Ted Victoria, and Robert Whitman.

A History of the American Avant-Garde Cinema

  • 1976. Organized by The American Federation of Arts. A touring film exhibition.

A Tribute To Anthology Film Archives’ Avantgarde Film Preservation Program

  • October 19, 1977. An evening dedicated to Frederick Kiesler. Featuring films by Fernand Leger, Dudley Murphy, Walter Ruttmann, Joseph Cornell, Maya Deren, and Alfred Leslie.

Filmmakers Filming

  • November 1979. A monograph on Bruce Baillie by Ernest Callenbach. The Filmmakers Filming series was organized by the Walker Art Center to bring independent filmmakers to Minneapolis, MN. This was the 3rd edition in the series.
  • May 1980. A monograph on Jonas Mekas by Judith E. Briggs. The Filmmakers Filming series was organized by the Walker Art Center to bring independent filmmakers to Minneapolis, MN. This was the 8th edition in the series.

Home Made Movies: 20 Years of American 8mm and Super-8 Films

  • May 1-June 30, 1981. Curated by J. Hoberman and held at the Anthology Film Archives.

10 Years of Living Cinema

Movie screen with images of boys diving into water
  • October 1 to November 21, 1982. Catalogue is also considered an issue of The Living Cinema’s No Rose magazine, although no issue number is given.

The American New Wave: 1958-1967

Cover to The American New Wave 1958-1967 featuring abstract art

The International Experimental Film Congress

  • May 28-June 4, 1989. Initiated by filmmaker Christoph Janetzko in 1987 to host a regular gathering of international experimental filmmakers.

Unseen Cinema: Early American Avant-Garde Film 1893-1941

  • June 2001-December 2005. Curated, edited, and annotated by Bruce Posner. Produced by Cineric, Inc. for Anthology Film Archives. A retrospective of restored and preserved films detailing the unknown accomplishments of American pioneer filmmakers.