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Underground Film Archive: DVD / VHS

Physical media in the Underground Film Journal’s archive. We are still in progress of adding the DVDs in our collection


À Rebours

  • Released by Cinema Abattoir
  • Includes films:
  • Washing Machine, dir. Ca Ca Ca
  • Man Spricht Deutsch, dir. Filmgruppe Chaos
  • Sacre-Coeur De Satan, dir. Serge De Cotret
  • Yellow Fever, dir. Lamashtu
  • J., dir. Alexandre Larose and Solomon Nagler
  • Passage, dir. Karl Lemieux
  • Hymn to Pan, dir. Francois Miron
  • Dream of Samarra, dir. Usama Alshaibi
  • Satan Bouche Un Coin, dir. Jean-Pierre Bouyxou and Raphael G. Marongiu
  • Dead Man II: Return of the Dead Man, dir. Aryan Kaganof
  • (sans titre), dir. Lucia Fezzuoglio
  • The Other American Dream, dir. Enrique Arroyo
  • Read review of DVD here

Bill Plympton’s Dog Days

  • Released by Plymptoons (2009)
  • All films directed by Bill Plympton:
  • Guard Dog
  • Guide Dog
  • Hot Dog
  • The Fan and the Flower
  • Shuteye Hotel
  • Santa, The Fascist Years
  • Spiral
  • Read review of DVD here

By Brakhage: An Anthology

  • Released by The Criterion Collection (2003)
  • All films directed by Stan Brakhage:
  • Desistfilm
  • Wedlock House: An Intercourse
  • Dog Star Man
    • Prelude
    • Part 1
    • Part 2
    • Part 3
    • Part 4
  • The Act of Seeing With One’s Own Eyes
  • Cat’s Cradle
  • Window Water Baby Moving
  • Mothlight
  • Eye Myth
  • The Wold Shadow
  • The Garden of Earthly Delights
  • The Stars Are Beautiful
  • Kindering
  • I…Dreaming
  • The Dante Quartet
  • Night Music
  • Rage Net
  • Glaze of Cathexis
  • Delicacies of Molten Horror Synapse
  • Untitled (For Marilyn)
  • Black Ice
  • Study in Color and Black and White
  • Stellar
  • Crack Glass Eulogy
  • The Dark Tower
  • Commingled Containers
  • Love Song

Cinemad Almanac 2009

Confound Footage

  • Released by filmmaker
  • All films directed by Jennifer Proctor
  • Includes films:
  • Am I Pretty?
  • Nothing a Little Soap and Water Can’t Fix
  • So’s Nephew by Remes (thanx to Michael Snow) by Jorrie Penn Croft

The Crowded Theater of Mike Z

  • Released by filmmaker
  • All films directed by Mike Z
  • Includes films:
  • How to Start a Revolution in America
  • My Left Nut
  • Don’t Watch This Until I’m Dead
  • Military Takeover of New York City
  • Focus Group
  • Could This Be Real?
  • Deathbed Confession
  • The Real George W. Bush
  • Emergency Announcement
  • Wanted: New Talent (outtake)

Festival of Horrors: Volume One

  • Released by Spooky Movie Film Festival
  • Includes films:
  • The Dollhouse, dir. C. Mark DeGaetani
  • The Ancient Rite of Corey McGillis, dir. Dalibor Backovic
  • Night of the Hell Hamsters, dir. Paul Campion
  • Sheep Skin, dir. Kurtis M. Spieler
  • Callous Sentiment, dir. Vincent Grashaw
  • The Marionette, dir. Holly Paige Joyner
  • The Legend of Farmer Jenkins, dir. Mike Tonder & Mark DeRidder
  • Read review of DVD here

Festival of Horrors: Volume Two

  • Released by Spooky Movie Film Festival
  • Includes films:
  • Seekers, dir. Jon Jorgensen
  • Jitters, dir. Anthony G. Sumner
  • Eight Thirty-Two, dir. Ben McDaniel
  • Zombie Island, dir. Bill Whirity
  • Of Darkness, dir. Gary E. Irwin
  • Pumpkin Zombies, dir. Greg Gutierrez
  • Electrical Skeletal, dir. Brian Lonano
  • Read review of DVD here

Found Footage & Collage Films: Selected Works

  • Released by Found Footage Magazine (2021)
  • Includes films:
  • Gymnopédies, dir. Lawrence C. Jordan
  • Diario Africano, dir. Yervant Gianikian & Angela Ricci Lucchi
  • Light Is Calling, dir. Bill Morrison
  • The Color of Love, dir. Peggy Ahwesh
  • Girl From Moush, dir. Gariné Torossian
  • Zillertal, dir. Jürgen Reble
  • Tito-Material, dir. Elke Groen
  • Cruises, dir. Cecilé Fontaine
  • Is This What You Were Born For – Part 5: Covert Action, dir. Abigail Child
  • Last Lost, dir. Eve Heller
  • Under Twilight, dir. Jean-Gabriel Périot
  • The Garden of Delight, dir. Michael Fleming
  • Flik Flak, dir. Jeff Keen
  • Freude, dir. Thomas Draschan
  • National Tapestry, dir. Steven Woloshen
  • The Exquisite Corpus, dir. Peter Tscherkassky

Frankensteins Bloody Nightmare



  • Released by Cinema Abattoir
  • Includes films:
  • Ritualis, dir. Pat Tremblay
  • Maldoror: A Pact With Prostitution, dir. Micki Pellerano and Nate Archer
  • Ass, dir. Usama Alshaibi
  • KI, dir. Karl Lemieux
  • La Fin de Notre Armour, dir. Helene Cattet and Bruno Forzani
  • Extase de chair brisee, dir. Pierre-Luc Vaillancourt and Frederick Maheux
  • Baby Doll, dir. Serge de Cotret
  • The Loneliest Little Boy in the World, dir. Mike Dereniewski
  • Paranoid, dir. Anne Hanavan
  • D’Yeux, dir. Monk Boucher
  • Imperatrix Cornicula, dir. Jerome Bertrand
  • Read review of DVD here

Led Zeppelin Played Here

Random Lunacy: Videos From The Road Less Traveled

Solar Anus Cinema


TV Party: The Sublimely Intolerable Show, January 8, 1979

Western 4.33

The Wild World of Ted V. Mikels

  • Festival screener
  • Directed by Kevin Sean Michaels

Xperimental Eros


American Job

  • Directed by Chris Smith
  • Film festival screener

Desperate Living

  • Directed by John Waters
  • Released by Turner Home Entertainment (1993)

Divine Trash

  • Directed by Steve Yeager
  • Released by Fox Lorber Films (2000)

Beaver Trilogy

Best of the NY Underground Film & Video Festival: Year One

  • Includes films:
  • My Adventures in the Time Tunnel, directed by Randy Clower
  • Rosa Mi Amour, directed by Modi
  • Detritus, directed by Peter Sarkisian
  • Pleasant Hill, USA, directed by Josh Wintringham
  • Screaming Chigger Productions, directed by Glenn Ficarra
  • Queen Mercy, directed by Helen Stickler
  • Mommy, Daddy & Me, directed by Modi
  • X – The Baby Cinema, directed by Robert Banks Jr.
  • Spring Break, directed by Frank Sebastiano
  • Released by Film Threat Video

Best of the New York Underground Film Festival: Year Two

  • Includes films:
  • The Operation, directed by Jacob Pander
  • Dienstag, directed by Franz Berner
  • Brouhaha, directed by Jay Beckman
  • Images, directed by Jeff Vilencia
  • Shave Against the Machine, directed by David Baer
  • Lick of Fury, directed by Matthew Sidle
  • 4 Films in 5 Minutes, directed by Skizz P. Cyzyk
  • Released by Film Threat Video


  • Directed by Jeremy Saulnier
  • Released by Lab of Madness

Greaser’s Palace

  • Directed by Robert Downey, Sr.
  • Released by Castle Hill Productions and Image Entertainment (1999)

Hot Trash: Episode 1: Zombie

  • Directed by Rick Spears
  • Released by Lab of Madness

Hot Trash: Episode 2: Devil

  • Directed by Rick Spears
  • Released by Lab of Madness

I Married a Strange Person!

  • Directed by Bill Plympton
  • Released by Universal and Lions Gate Films (2000)

In Our Garden

Multiple Maniacs

  • Directed by John Waters
  • Released by Raven Video (1994)

Some Kind of Loving

  • Curated by Astria Suparak
  • Includes films:
  • No Place Like Home #1 & 2, directed by Karen Yasinsky
  • Fine Lines, directed by Jane Gang
  • Lullaby, directed by Jennifer Reeder
  • pornfilm, directed by Stephanie Barber
  • Martina’s Playhouse, directed by Peggy Ahwesh
  • Includes a poster with filmmakers’ statements on their films, and a statement by curator Suparak

The Target Shoots First

  • Directed by Christopher Wilcha
  • Film festival screener

Trailer Town