Underground Film Journal

Underground Film Archive: Artifacts

A collection of posters, letters, photos, signed memorabilia, and other miscellany relating to underground film history.

Jonas Mekas in an art gallery watching Marie Menken filming

4 B&W photo prints of Jonas Mekas

  • Jonas with maybe Marie Menken filming in an art gallery (1965, according to Ebay seller)
  • Jonas in a crowded hallway (1965, according to Ebay seller)
  • Jonas hanging sheets of plastic with Barbara Rubin and maybe Jack Smith. From February 1966. The plastic was for a show by Rubin.
  • Jonas with two men (1959, men being Michael John Fles and Irving Rosenthal, according to Ebay seller)
Letter from Jonas Mekas to Frank Kuenstler

1 letter from Jonas Mekas to Frank Kuentsler. Film Culture letterhead. Dated October 16, 1958. Apparently signed by Jonas.

Filmmaker John Waters blowing smoke up his own nose

1 autograph from John Waters. A signed page from the 2nd annual New York Underground Film Festival program. Autograph acquired from a third party, so not verified, but assumed to be legitimate based on information from seller.

1 Underground Cinema 12 Membership Card. Valid for the Valley Theater at 509 Mill Avenue (in Tempe, AZ). Read here about Underground Cinema 12.

3 Call For Entries Posters for the New York Underground Film Festival. For 1997, 1999 and 2000.

2 Postcards promoting the 1999 and 2008 New York Underground Film Festivals, their sixth edition and their 15th final edition.

1 Poster for Spoleto Festival Dei Due Mondi in Italy, which screened a selection of New American Cinema films. The Archive actually has 3 Spoleto posters, but only one mentions the New American Cinema screenings. No dates are given, but the film screenings ran June 16 — July 16, 1961, according to Jonas Mekas‘s I Seem To Live, Vol. 1.

1 Poster for Larry Jordan’s The Old House, Passing and James Broughton‘s The Pleasure Garden. Sunday, June 18, 1967. (Year is assumed.) A benefit screening for Canyon Cinema.

1 Punch Pass Plate for the 12th New York Underground Film Festival. Page of passes to be cut out.

1 Bay Area Film Directory, which was an insert to Filmagazine, May 1968. One-paragraph biographies submitted by Bay Area filmmakers, film programmers, and other film professionals.

1 Exhibitors’ Campaign for Shirley Clarke‘s The Cool World. Collection of ad sizes, reviews, and notes for exhibitors’ promotional campaigns for the film. From Cinema V Distributing, Inc.

1 Wedding Program for P. Adams Sitney and Julia Adams.

1 Memorial Book for Richard Serly Brummer (January 6, 1924 — January, 22, 2022). Made experimental films in the 1950s and helped formed the Independent Film Makers Association, Inc. in 1952. Became an expert in filming with a wireless mic, but became most well-known as an editor, including working on many films by Russ Meyer.