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The Man Who Would Be Polka King

Documenting the true life story of Jan Lewan, a polka singing star who milked his fans for millions of dollars by involving them in a complicated Ponzi Scheme.

Director: Joshua Brown, John Mikulak

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Ok, Good

An unassuming actor struggles with his career as he trudges from one demoralizing TV commercial audition to the next all the while letting his inner rage silently build up in himself.

Director: Daniel Martinico

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A married suburban dude is forced into a life of violent brutality and murder by a mysterious figure demanding bloody revenge.

Director: Trent Haaga

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Four lifelong friends and one wannabe who, as a group, attempt to set the record for playing the most hours of the fantasy role-playing game “Demons, Nymphs and Dragons.”

Director: Christopher Folino

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