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Mark Savage

Mark Savage is an Australian underground cult filmmaker specializing in brutal, gory psychological thrillers and horror movies. Savage is a self-taught filmmaker having directed dozens of Super-8 short films beginning when he was just fourteen years old before moving on to direct feature films. He's also directed numerous commercials, music videos, industrial films and more. He's also a voracious cinephile, particularly of European and Asian cult cinema, and has written for several print publications.

You can read about his cinematic obsessions at his website The Phantom of Pulp.

Watch Streaming Films By Mark Savage:


Defenceless (2004)
Trail of Passion (2003)
Fishnet (2002)
Sensitive New Age Killer (2000)
The Sentimental Assassin (1994)
Marauders (1987)
Undead (1987)
The Annihilator (1984)
Methusarla, Guardian of Hell (1977)


Movie Trailer: FertIsle

A man dressed in a nice suit washes up on a remote island inhabited by a carefree, naked woman. Sounds like paradise, right? But in Mark Savage’s upcoming FertIsle, it’s a nightmare.