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Silence, Ca Tue!

In Silence, Ca Tue!, Christophe Lamot directs and stars as a megalomaniacal director in this hyper-violent critique on Belgium cinema.


Anatomia by director Steven Jacobs is perhaps the sexiest silent film ever made, a modern-day update of the story of Sappho, the female poet.

The Devil’s Muse

The Devil’s Muse is a modern neo-noir thriller by director Ramzi Abed about a naive actress who obsesses over the Black Dahlia murder case.


Bane by James Eaves is a new twist on the torture porn genre in which several women are locked up and abused for medical experiments.

No Through Road

Directed by Sam Barrett, No Through Road is an effectively nasty revenge thriller in the Straw Dogs vein, except more explicitly gory.

Marta’s Sex Tape

Marta’s Sex Tape is a big, bold and tremendously sexy film by Anthony Rivero Stabley with the plot shot at us at a breakneck pace.