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Alessandro Cima

Alessandro Cima is an American experimental filmmaker based in Los Angeles. His work mostly alternates between video collages, brief poetic documentaries he calls "cinegrams" and political docs. His films also usually revolve around life in L.A.

Cima is also the creator and editor of the website Candlelight Stories.

Watch Streaming Films By Alessandro Cima:


Detective City Angel (2011)
One Day Occupy L.A. (2011)
Wall — Ethos (2011)
Glass Boulevard (2010)
Helping Hand (2010)
Lunch With Bardot (2010)
Remember November North Five (2010)
Yellow Plastic Raygun (2010)
Christmas Black (2009)
Kingdom of Moderate Sunshine (2009)
Another French New Wave (2008)
Just Asking (2008)
Venture Forth Wicked Beauty (2008)
Video For Barack Obama (2008)