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Phil Hall Launches New England Underground Film Festival

By Mike Everleth ⋅ January 12, 2011

Panoramic view of New Haven, Connecticut

Phil Hall, the author of several books on indie and underground film as well as the writer of Film Threat’s popular Bootleg Files column, is launching the inaugural New England Underground Film Festival in 2011. This will be a one-day event held on October 8 at the Master of None LLC performing arts space in New Haven, CT.

While this is a new event, it may sound vaguely familiar to long-time readers of the Underground Film Journal. That’s because, back in 2008, Hall took over the New Haven Underground Film Festival from Michael Mongillo and Todd Dzicek, who had co-founded and run that fest for the previous four years.

NHUFF was also a one-day film festival, but, ironically, it wasn’t actually held in New Haven. In 2008, Hall held it in West Hartford, CT, moving it from it’s previous location in Meriden. Now, NEUFF is actually being held in New Haven.

Ok, that’s a twisty history, but what’s really important are the deadlines for submission. They are:

Early Deadline
March 7

Regular Deadline
May 9

Late Deadline
June 13

WAB Extended Deadline
July 11

As for what kinds of films Hall is looking for, both features and shorts will be screened and, according to the fest website “programming is open to all aspects of the underground cinema spectrum: narrative productions, non-fiction films, experimental works, animation and music videos.”

Awards will also be given out at the fest, such as Best Film, Best Short, Best Non-Fiction Production and Best Director.

To submit, you can visit the New England Underground Film Festival official website or just go directly to the fest’s Withoutabox page. Also, you can follow NEUFF news on its Facebook page.

(The Underground Film Journal has reviewed two of Phil Hall’s books: The Encyclopedia of Underground Movies and The History of Independent Cinema.)

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