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On DVD: Proxima

By Mike Everleth ⋅ June 30, 2008

Movie poster featuring a man on an alien planet

This is just a short note to say that Carlos Atanes‘ sci-fi flick Proxima is available on DVD today, which you can order via the film’s website here. I’ve been raving about Atanes’ work all year and I’m glad this is finally out for other folks to enjoy. Here’s a bit from my original review of the film:

Perhaps the oddest thing about Atanes’ latest effort is that for the first time the action begins in a very recognizable modern-day Spain, during which the action is more straightforward than anything the director has done before. Right off the bat, we meet Tony (Oriol Aubets), a lovable loser type who, despite a great passion for all things sci-fi, can’t transform that passion into a career. Despite an investment from his girlfriend Natalia’s (Karen Owens) father, he’s forced to close up his sci-fi-themed video store. Although Tony can’t get his act together, he’s never presented as a pathetic character. He may make some mistakes, but he’s the kind of guy — particularly as played by the earnest and sincere Aubets — you’re rooting for things to start going his way.

Here’s the film’s official trailer: