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Microscope Gallery: Tapeless Melodies

By Mike Everleth ⋅ April 19, 2011

Drawing of a microscope

April 23
7:00 p.m.
Microscope Gallery
4 Charles Place
Brooklyn, NY 11221

Hosted by: Microscope Gallery

Tapeless Melodies is an event curated by Marianna Ellenberg that features several short films and a live interactive performance.

The performance, entitled “Make Anyone Fall in Love With You,” is an interactive inspirational workshop conducted by filmmaker Oriana Fox that also includes live audio interventions by Ellenberg and Melanie Neergaard, as well as excerpts of self-help scripts and advertisements all designed to help the audience with their mental well-being and internet-dating.

The films include Laida Lerxtundi‘s My Tears Are Dry, which you can read a review of on the Underground Film Journal here; Ellenberg’s own Blossom, which features a restaging of scenes from Wes Craven’s classic horror flick Last House on the Left; and Fox’s shockingly titled CUNT, in which the filmmaker casts herself in a variety of roles, including “Betty Crocker brunettes, soap-opera blondes, and air-head redheads as they become aware of their collective subjugation as women.”

The full lineup of short films is below:

My Tears Are Dry, dir. Laida Lertxundi (16mm, 4 min, 2009, (on mini-dv)) (Read the review)
The Pool, dir. Jayne Parker (b/w, 16mm, 10 min, 1990 (on mini-dv))
High Noon, dir. Josh Mannis (video, 2 min, 2009)
Today! (chase scenes), dir. Jessie Stead (mixed media on DV, 12 minutes, 2007-present)
Blossom, dir. Marianna Ellenberg (split-screen HD video, 8 minutes, 2011)
CUNT, dir. Oriana Fox, 5 min, video, 2006

Still from Marianna Ellenberg’s Blossom:

Young girl in a dress standing in a marsh

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