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2007 Miami Underground Film Festival: A Preview

By Mike Everleth ⋅ February 6, 2007

Graffiti logo for the Miami Underground Film Festival

The official lineup of the Miami Underground Film Festival hasn’t been announced yet (it will run March 8-12), but a couple of short filmmakers are posting that they’ve been accepted already:

1) Just Desserts from Sharkbait Productions.

2) Girl With Gun, dir. Russ Emanuel. Funny, one trailer (now offline) makes the film look like a goofy romantic comedy and the other an action film ala La Femme Nikita. It’s kind of like watching those trailer re-edits where someone makes a classic film look like something completely different, e.g. Shining.

3) Dying to Live, dir. Jeremy Nelson. No trailer online, but you can read more about it on the MySpace page for Jeremy’s production company, StarPoint Films.

All three are Florida-produced shorts and seem to fall into the “dark comedy” category based on what I see. By the way: Has MySpace become the dominant promo tool for filmmakers? Most of my filmmaker news seems to come from there, with the exception of a hardcore blogger or two.

I’ll run the full MUFF lineup when I spot it online.

Update: (Yes, already) Just found out about a fourth film announcing it’s playing at MUFF. This is a feature, not a short, and it was definitely not produced in Florida. It’s the Danish film Brutal Incasso, dir. Jonas Kvist Jensen. Again, it’s a black comedy, this time in the Tarantino/Ritchie/Carnahan vein.