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Movie Review: Man on the Moon

Some people have been asking me, “So, mikE, where’s the review of MAN ON THE MOON? This is the film about one half of the spirituality behind our movement, one half of the Andy Duality. You’d think you would have gone to see this film immediately and posted your criticisms about it. What’s the holdup?”

To this question I’ve been asked numerous times, I have this answer:


Goddamn, I have a life ya know. It was just the holidays. I have family. I have friends. I don’t spend 24 hours of my life with you losers. I’m busy. And I got cartoons to draw, a cyber-novel to write, a day job. I’d like to see you do it! It’s enough to make a man crack, I tell ya. Does anyone put their arm around my shoulder and say, “Good job, mikE!”? It gets lonely. I sit in my apartment and try to reach out to the world with my art. Does the world say “Thank you”? Does the world buy me a beer when I’m at my wit’s end?

It’s quiet in here these days. I’m probably going to have to post this review myself. The tech department, the graphic department, the budget office. I don’t see much of them anymore. Apparently we have a lot of members. You can check the homepage if you want. You can hit reload on your browser on the homepage and see the numbers keep going up and up and up by the second. But this website has become like junk mail. Sure, you get it, look at the envelope, listen for ticking, but ultimately it’s like no one’s even paying attention to it anymore.

Oh, who am I kidding? I haven’t been the most fearless of leaders. There was that big push to get off of AOL and move into a regular domain name last autumn. Here it is months later and I’m still in negotiations. Money’s coming out of our coffers and there’s not much to show for it. And the whole communist/Russian design of the Underground Film Journal, what happened to that? We made a few crummy pictures and stopped. Did I ever really study Russian design? No. Too cheap to buy a couple of art books. Blamed it on the budget office. Hey, I’m working. I got income. I can’t donate to the cause? Who’s going to follow my lead if I don’t step in first? We even made up a Rough Neck Manifesto. That was posted for like a day then disappeared. Where did it go? Do you know? Do I?

I might even cut this review short because I have to take the Christmas lights down tonight. Who was the one who actually put them up? Who even cared? Maybe I’ll take them down, turn off the regular lights and sit in headquarters and think about what it really means to be Your Fearless Leader. I don’t want to let anybody down. I’m not going to do that to you guys. I swear it. That should have been my resolution this year, instead of that thing about touching myself in the shower.

Well, I hope all you out there had a tremendous holiday and I wish you the best of everything you want this new year. Don’t let anybody stop you from being the Rough Neck you want to be. I know I’m not.