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Luther Price: Gar Har Clown

By Mike Everleth ⋅ October 6, 2010

Clowns don’t scare me the way they do some people. But … this clown? The snorting, drooling one in the above embedded short film by Luther Price? He absolutely terrifies me. It’s a very simple, sadly disturbing piece of work.

I fell in love with this thing instantly because of its sheer oddness. It’s cold, it’s desolate. It appears less of an acting job and more like a cry for help. Although, I’m aware that’s the statement the artist is trying to put out there. But, I really fell in love with this little beauty because if you film something in Super-8, leave the occasional, obvious splice mark in and upload it online — well, that’s what’s going to happen. I can’t help myself.

Clown snarls into camera and makes snooty hand gesture

I love that tactile sensation you get from seeing the splice marks and magnified projector dust from film. For me, it gives a project more weight, especially after its been digitized into a format that favors the slick uploading from video cameras and cell phones. It’s makes the action captured on film more real.

Unfortunately, I’m not all that familiar with the work of Luther Price, who specializes in filming in Super 8. He has a few more samples of his own work uploaded to YouTube. And if you want more background on him, this Bright Lights Film Journal article has some great info.

(Film still from Light Industry)

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