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Light Industry: Omnium-Gatherum

By Mike Everleth ⋅ October 4, 2009

Audience at Light Industry

Oct. 8
7:30 p.m.
Light Industry
220 36th Street (between 2nd and 3rd Avenue), 5th Floor
Brooklyn, NY

Hosted by: Light Industry

Jeremy Rossen, the co-founder and projectionist of Portland, OR’s Cinema Project, will screen a collection of short films by some of his favorite filmmakers. Each of the films selected for this screening had to fall into at least one of the following categories:

– a film that was worked on but never finished
– a film that was finished but rarely or never screened
– something “funny”
– a film that they found
– a film made while a teenager

Here is the full list of films that will be presented:

Pittsburgh Trilogy Pt. I, Peggy Ahwesh, S8mm, 1983, 13 mins
these horizon, Stephanie Barber, 16mm, 1997, 12 mins
Selfcentarded, Cooper Battersby + Emily Vey Duke, video, 2000, 3 mins
The Letter I, Kevin Jerome Everson, 16mm, 1990, 5 mins
Ordinary Time, Equivocal Inventory, David Gatten, S8mm/35mm slides, 1996/2009, 5 mins
Homeless Children, found by Sandra Gibson, video, 1986, 7 mins (excerpt)
Performance by Andrew Lampert, S8/16mm/35mm slides, 2009, 10 mins
Faro Point Sur, Jeanne Liotta, 16mm, 2004, 3 mins
Shirley, Sharon Lockhart and Daniel Marlos, 16mm, 1999, 13 mins
“Woman Reading in a Landscape,” 1869 (After Corot; for SG), Luis Recoder, video, 2002-2005, 4 mins
A film by Ben Rivers
Kinetic, Michael Robinson, 16mm, 2000, 2 mins
Nocturne Four, Phil Solomon, S8mm, 1976, 10 mins
Subway Song, Deborah Stratman, S8mm, 1986, 3 mins
Bathroom Naughtiness, Akram Zaatari, video, 2000, 3 mins