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Kenneth Anger At The 48th Ann Arbor Film Festival

“The day that cinema was invented was a black day for mankind.” That’s a quote by Kenneth Anger made back in 1969 in an article in the British magazine Cinema and reprinted in P. Adams Sitney‘s book Visionary Film. In a much more jovial mood in the above embedded video, watch Anger entertain the crowd live onstage at the 48th annual Ann Arbor Film Festival during a retrospective of his films. The video reveals lots of interesting things, like he loathes Marilyn Manson and hangs out backstage at Jonas Brothers concerts.

That’s how you know that Anger is the real deal. Wearing a bright red sweater and an ecstatic smile, he looks more like your eccentric uncle at the family Christmas gathering than the master of Satanic cinema like Scorpio Rising, Lucifer Rising, Invocation of My Demon Brother, Ich Will! and more. The man, if anything, is no poseur. So you can completely understand his animosity towards Marilyn Manson, who just pretends to be Satanic to make a buck.

Although, why Kenneth Anger is hanging out with the Jonas Brothers with a bunch of screaming tween girls is a total mystery. Perhaps the devil made him do it.

Watch Scorpio Rising here.

Kenneth Anger flashes his Lucifer tattoo under his sweater