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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

At this point what else could I possibly say about The Goblet of Fire that probably hasn’t been already said before. This is the book where the series turns a darker edge with a turn that I probably should have seen as inevitable, but I tend to just dive into each volume without thinking about what I might find inside.

What I just want to comment on is why I enjoy the series so much. I wasn’t expecting to. I took the first volume out of the library only to see what all the hubub was all about. But from the first page, J.K. Rowling totally sucked me into her world.

But what I’m truly enjoying about the books now is how she sprinkles the beginning chapters with all sorts of new details about the wizarding world and Harry’s past. The central mysteries that drive each of the books start to kick in around the middle, but the real kick is seeing how all, or at least most, of those little details play significant parts at the end.

I’m hip to the formula now and I read each book with an eye towards how something innocuous in chapter three may figure into the end. But I never quite seem to figure it all out correctly. There’s always quite a few big surprises that Rowling pulls out that always make complete sense, but are never at all obvious. It’s all quite brilliant.

I’d like to provide an example or two of what I’m talking about, but I don’t want to give out any spoilers about any of the books. I’m happy that I haven’t been disappointed in any of the books and just about a half-hour ago I took out both books 5 and 6 from the library and I’m going to read them back to back.

I can’t wait.

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