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Fund The 20th Annual Chicago Underground Film Festival, Or Else!

Psychedelic poster for 20th annual Chicago Underground Film Festival

Trivia question: How many underground film festivals have hit their 20th anniversary? Answer: None.

But that’s about to change when the venerable and indestructible Chicago Underground Film Festival unspools on March 6-10! This will be, unquestionably, one of the greatest achievements in underground film history. More insanely, the fest continues to steamroll through that history with the same dude at it’s helm from it’s very first edition: Brian Wendorff.

So, we don’t know yet what monumental events CUFF has planned yet, but we do know that they’re mixing things up by moving to a new location: The Logan Theatre in the Logan Square neighborhood. The fest has also debuted it’s amazing poster, which you see above, by Lexington, KY artist and musician Robert Beatty.

To help make this amazing event take place, CUFF is raising funds via Indiegogo — So, please help donate if you can! Funds raised will go towards renting projection equipment and hiring projectionists, as well as to pay for attending filmmakers’ travel and lodging expenses, advertising, printing and other costs needed to run a mega-event such as this one.

Watch the fundraising video below and please give. The Chicago Underground Film Festival is a highly respected and much needed cultural program that benefits its home city and the greater avant-garde, experimental, cult and underground film community at large.

[vimeo 57012610 w=480&h=270]

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