Underground Film Journal

Film Culture: Issue 70-71 (Double Issue)

Cover to Film Culture 70-71 double issue featuring a photo of Sidney Peterson filming

Published: 1983; 256 pages

COVER: Sidney Peterson. Photo by Wm. R. Heick.

Printed by Capital City Press, Montpelier, Vermont.

FILM CULTURE has no regular financial backing and a new issue is published only after we collect (from subscriptions, back issues, private gifts, etc.) enough money to pay the printer for the previous issue. We have had years when we’ve been able to bring out four issues, and we’ve also had years when we have barely managed to collect enough money to bring out one issue. But our dedication and persistence remain unfailing. We have brought out over seventy issues and, of course, we’ll bring out another seventy. We are asking our subscribers to understand the problems of independent publishing and not to flood us with letters of complaint, no matter how many moments there are between issues. Do not despair: a new issue always appears!

Editor-in-Chief: Jonas Mekas.
Assistant Editors: P. Adams Sitney, Hollis Melton.
Business Manager: Diana Freed.
Publisher: Film Art Fund, Inc.


1. A Movie House Is An Enlarged Camera, by Sidney Peterson

2. Sidney Peterson Bibliography

3. Sidney Peterson Filmography

4. Sidney Peterson: A Lecture, by Stan Brakhage

5. Alexander Nevsky, by Leon Balter, M. D.

6. Christopher Maclaine — Approaching The End, by J.J. Murphy

7. The Films of Andrew Noren, by Gail Camhi

8. Andrew Noren Filmography

9. Eureka By Ernie Gehr, by Myrel Glick

10. Excerpts From Discussions With Ernie Gehr

11. Interview With James Herbert, by Robert Russett

12. James Herbert Filmography

13. A Letter From Georges Melies To Merritt Crawford, Esq.

14. A Letter From Joseph Cornell To Frederick Kiesler

15. A Post Card And Letter From Sergei M. Eisenstein To Renaud De Jouvenel

16. Danylo Demutsky, Cameraman, by Ivan Koszeliwec

17. Letter From Ron Rice To Robert Frank

18. Note From Ron Rice to Jonas Mekas

19. 1979 Lecture By Warren Sonbert

20. Warren Sonbert, by Rudy Burckhardt

21. The Films of Warren Sonbert, by Phillip Lopate

22. Interview With Warren Sonbert, by David Ehrenstein

23. Program Notes From A Screening Of Carriage Trade and Rude Awakening

24. Warren Sonbert Filmography

25. Program Notes For A Walter Gutman Retrospective In 1981, by Walter Gutman

26. The Films Of David Brooks, by J.J. Murphy

27. Correspondence — Kenneth Anger And Paul Johnston, 1947-48

28. Corrections

Index of Images

James Keeney in The Cage (1947)

Sidney Peterson in Boston, October 28, 1978. Photo: Robert del Tredici.

Still from Mr. Frenhofer and the Minotaur.

Strike. (7 film stills)

Potemkin, Odessa Steps. (film still)

Que Viva Mexico, Crucifiction. (film still)

Que Viva Mexico, mater dolorosa. (film still)

Potemkin. (6 film stills)

October. (3 stills)

Strike, “lady of the night”.

Alexander Nevsky, Mongol debasement.

Alexander Nevsky, bound.

Alexander Nevsky, eyes menaced.

Alexander Nevsky, suspension.

Alexander Nevsky, Child suspended.

Alexander Nevsky, Child thrown into fire.

Alexander Nevsky, Ananais in canine attitude.

Alexander Nevsky, Romantic Triangle.

Alexander Nevsky, excitement of Olga’s admirers.

Alexander Nevsky, homosexual attractiveness.

Alexander Nevsky. (4 film stills)

Alexander Nevsky, a mass of calm, exposed faces.

Alexander Nevsky, symbolic castration.

Alexander Nevsky, submission.

Alexander Nevsky, the dead Savka.

Alexander Nevsky, Domash.

Alexander Nevsky, Ignat.

Alexander Nevsky, Vaska and his two women.

Christopher Maclaine, 1951. Photo: Gui de Angulo.

Christopher Maclaine, 1957. Photo: Gui de Angulo.

Andrew Noren, 11/71, photo by Bill Carpenter.

Eureka (1974), by Ernie Gehr.

Ernie Gehr. Photo: Myrel Glick.

Still (1974), by Ernie Gehr.

James Herbert filming Night Horses. Photo: Guy Tucker.

Night Horses (1975), by James Herbert.

Apalachee (1974), by James Herbert.

January (1973), by James Herbert. (2 film stills)

S.M. Eisenstein, New York City, c. 1929. Photographer unknown.

Ron Rice and Amy Rice, Acapulco, May 11, 1963.

Warren Sonbert.

Walter Gutman, July 1981. Photo: Hollis Melton.

David Brooks, ca. 1964.

David Brooks and Willard Maas, during the filming of Orgia, ca. 1966. Photo: John Hawkins.


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