Underground Film Journal

Film Culture: Issue 52

Cover of issue 52 of Film Culture magazine, featuring Stan Brakhage

Published: Spring 1971; 96 pages

Publisher: Film Culture Non-Profit Corporation. Editor-in-Chief: Jonas Mekas. Assistant Editor: P. Adams Sitney. Business Manager: David C. Stone. Managing Editor: Linda Patton.

Copyright 1970 by Film Culture. Printed in the U.S.A. by H. Gantt. N.Y.C. 10040. Distributed by D. De Boer, Nutley, N.J.


1. Interview With Roberto Rossellini, by Victoria Schultz

2. Brakhage’s “Eyes,” by Jerome Hill

3. Index to the Work of Gregory Markopoulos, by Jonas Mekas

4. The Redeeming of the Contrary, by Gregory Markopoulos

5. The Language of Diamonds (Beavers), by Gregory Markopoulos

6. “La Region Centrale,” by Michael Snow

7. “True Patriot’s Love,” by Joyce Wieland

8. “Remedial Reading Comprehension,” (Landow), by Fred Camper

9. Larry Jordan Interview, by P. Adams Sitney

10. Hollis Frampton’s “Zorns Lemma,” by Mark Segal

Index of Photographs

Stan Brakhage shooting “eyes.” Credit: Michael Chikiris.

Roberto Rossellini. Credit: Gilles Larrain

Stan Brakhage shooting “eyes.” Credit: Michael Chikiris.

Stan Brakhage shooting “eyes.” Credit: Michael Chikiris.

Michael Snow and the cameras activating machine, 1970.

Tom and his dog, a photographic skeleton prepared for “True Patriot Love”

Joyce Wieland

Six different frames from “Zorns Lemma”

Seven pages (chance selection) from script for “Zorns Lemma”