Underground Film Journal

Film Culture: Issue 48-49 (Double Issue)

Published: Winter & Spring 1970; 88 pages

Publisher: Film Culture Non-Profit Corporation. Editor-in-Chief: Jonas Mekas. Assistant Editor: P. Adams Sitney. Business Manager: David C. Stone

Copyright 1970 by Film Culture. Printed in the U.S.A. Distributed by B. De Boer, Nutley, N.J.


1. Tenth Independent Film Award (Kenneth Anger)

2. Three Notes on “Invocation of My Demon Brother,” by Jonas Mekas, Richard Whitehall and P. Adams Sitney

3. Hollis Frampton Interviewed, by Michael Snow

4. The Cosmic Cinema of Jordan Belson, by Gene Youngblood

5. Blank Deflections: Golden Cinema, by Paul Sharits

6. A Note on “The Count of Days,” a Film by Robert Beavers, by Tom S. Chomont

7. Robert Nelson on Robert Nelson

8. Two Films by Ron Rice, by Fred Camper

9. Yoko Ono on Yoko Ono

10. “The Future Is Not What It Used to Be,” by Stan Vanderbeek

11. Re: Look Computerized Graphics by Stan Vanderbeek

12. A Letter to Lenny Lipton, by Stan Vanderbeek

13. The Synthesis of Artificial Movements in Motion Picture Projection, by Alexander Alexieff

14. Filmography of Alexeiff

15. The Social Gospel of St. Jean-Luc Godard, by Dan Isaac

16. Anna Karina, by David Ehrenstein

17. 2001, by Max Kozloff

18. Some Recent Bergman, by Kirk Bond

19. An Interview about Georges Melies, by Maxine Haleff

20. The Art Film in India. Report on Mrinal Sen, by Forrest Williams

21. Thunder Over Mexico (poster, text)

22. To Upton Sinclair (poster, text)

23. Thunder Over Mexico, a review by Pare Lorentz (1933)

24. The Art of Moving Photography. A reprint from The Photographic Times, October, 1897

25. Coffee, Brandy and Cigars, by Herman G. Weinberg

Index of Images

Kenneth Anger during the shooting of “Invocation of My Demon Brother,” 1969

Jordan Belson

Jordan Belson, “Samadhi,” 1967

Stan Vanderbeek

Stan Vanderbeek‘s “Found Forms,” a multi-projection film performance at Cross Talk Intermedia Festival, Tokyo, February 1969

Robert Nelson and Gunvor Nelson, 1963 (photo by Bill Menken)

Gregory Markopoulos during the shooting of “Der Schachtel,” April 1968

Robert Beavers

Gregory Markopoulos in Robert Beavers’ film “Winged Dialogue”

Scenes (strips) from Barry Spinello’s film “Soundtrack”

Hollis Frampton outside the old Edison Biograph theater, N. Halsted, Chicago, where Dillinger was shot

Mrinal Sen

Georges Méliès

From Méliès

Méliès studio

“Le Voyage de Mr. Bourrichon”

“Le Petit Chaperon Rouge”

“Le Danseuse Microscopique”

“Le Mèlomane”

From Méliès


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From fifteen years of FILM CULTURE (issue 1 to 48) P. Adams Sitney has selected fourty articles which represent the evolution of the magazine from its initial period (exemplified by the writings of Andrew Sarris, Carl Dreyer, Herman Weinberg, Hans Richter, etc.) through its involvement with the New American Cinema.

Special features: The READER reprints several articles from the von Stroheim issue (No. 18)
a large portion of the first American avantgarde film issue (No. 29) which has long been out of print
and the complete supplement of Dziga Vertov’s writings (No. 3)

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