Underground Film Journal

Film Culture: Issue 47

Cover of Issue 47 of Film Culture magazine

Published: Summer 1969; 48 pages

Publisher: Film Culture Non-Profit Corporation. Editor-in-Chief: Jonas Mekas. Assistant Editor: P. Adams Sitney. Business Manager: David C. Stone

Copyright 1968 by Film Culture. Printed in the U.S.A. Distributed by B. De Boer, Nutley, N.J.


1. Structural Film, by P. Adams Sitney
(Reprinted in Film Culture Reader)

2. Interview With George Landow, by P. Adams Sitney

3. The Tibetan Film of the Dead, by Ken Kelman

4. Notes on Films, by Paul Sharits

5. An Interview With Bruce Baillie, by Richard Whitehall

6. On “Eros, O Basileus”, by Tom Chomont

7. “Mehr Licht…”, by Robert Creeley

8. My Mtn. Song 27, by Fred Camper

9. Rossellini’s Tragedy of Manners, by Ken Kelman

10. World War II and the American Film, by Lewis Jacobs

11. Eastman House Journal, by Kirk Bond

Index of Images

Fleming Faloon (George Landow)

Bardo Follies (George Landow)

The Film that Rises to the Surface of the Clarified Butter

Bruce Baillie

From N:O:T:H:I:N:G (Paul Sharits)

Paul Sharits

Piece Mandala (Paul Sharits)

From notes for N:O:T:H:I:N:G (Paul Sharits)

Battle of Russia

This Land is Mine

Foreign Correspondent

Battle for the Mariana


A Walk in the Sun

Desert Victory

The Great Dictator


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