Underground Film Journal

Film Culture: Issue 31

Film Culture cover to issue 31 featuring frames from Andy Warhol's Sleep

Published: 1963; 72 pages

Editor-in-Chief and Publisher: Jonas Mekas. Editors: Louis Brigante, George N. Fenin, Adolfas Mekas, Andrew Sarris, P. Adams Sitney, David C. Stone, Harold Humes.

Copyright, 1963 by Film Culture. Printed in the U.S.A. Publishers’ Printing Representative: Harry Gantt. Distributed by Telestar Distributors, Inc.

Cover Picture: The sleeping man in Andy Warhol’s nameless eight hour sleep movie (1963).


1. The Image of the Body, Robert Kelly

2. The Memoirs of Maria Montez, Jack Smith

3. Belated Appreciation of V.S., Jack Smith

4. Scorpio Rising, Gregory Markopoulos

5. Thanatos in Chrome, Ken Kelman

6. Filmography of Kenneth Anger

7. Twice a Man, Ken Kelman

8. Towards a New Narrative Film Form, Gregory Markopoulos

9. Poetics of the Film, Anais Nin

10. Filmography of Ian Hugo

11. Imagism in Four Avant-Garde Films, P. Adams Sitney

12. An Excerpt From the Score of “Hand Written”

13. Letter to Gregory Markopoulos, Stan Brakhage

14. From Interviews With Hans Richter

15. The Birth Film, Jane Brakhage

16. Nine Poems By Frank Kuenstler

17. Four Poems By Ruth Weiss

18. Classic Plastics (And Total Tectonics), Ken Kelman

19. On Teaching Cinema in College, Robert Gessner

20. The Birds, Cad Belz

21. The Third Lover By Claude Chabrol, Robert Giard

22. Interview With Ernest Pintoff, Gretchen Weinberg

23. Coffee, Brandy & Cigars XLI, Herman G. Weinberg

24. Books

25. Paisa, Sixth Episode (Scenario)

Index of Images

From Study in Choreography by Maya Deren

Joseph Von Sternberg’s charts for Anatahan

From Eaux D’Artifice by Kenneth Anger

From Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome by Kenneth Anger

Kenneth Anger portrait

Alexander Dovzhenko portrait

Ingrid Lothingius in Vernon Zimmerman’s To L.A. With Lust

From Bells of Atlantis by Ian Hugo

Ian Hugo portrait

Robert Frank shooting O.K. End Here. Also in the picture: Gert Berliner (Cameraman), Martino La Salle, Sue Ungaro

Robert Frank portrait

Adolfas Mekas shooting Hallelujah the Hills. Cameraman, Ed Emshwiller; Assistant Director, Jonas Mekas. Produced by David C. Stone.


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