Underground Film Journal

Film Culture: Issue 25

Cover to Film Culture issue 25 featuring John Ford directing

Published: 1962; 84 pages

Editor-in-Chief and Publisher: Jonas Mekas. Editors: Louis Brigante, George N. Fenin, Edouard de Laurot, Adolfas Mekas, Andrew Sarris, Gilbert Seldes, P. Adams Sitney, David C. Stone.

Copyright, 1962 by Film Culture. Printed in the U.S.A. The opinions expressed by the contributors do not necessarily represent those of the editors. Publishers’ Printing Representative: Harry Gantt. Distributed by Eastern News Distributors, Inc.

Cover Picture: John Ford Shooting The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.


1. John Ford (photographs)

2. Notes on the Art of John Ford, Michael Barkun

3. Cactus Rosebud Or The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Andrew Sarris

4. Cannes 1962, Patrick Bauchau

5. The Lady Called “A”; Or, If Jules and Jim Only Lived at Marienbad, Parker Tyler

6. Hatari!, Peter Bogdanovich

7. Awakening of Spring: Guns of the Trees, Joseph Freeman

8. The Sin of Jesus and The Flower Thief, P. Adams Sitney

9. First Takes, Andrew Sarris

10. Ernst Lubitsch, Ernst Lubitsch and Herman G. Weinberg

11. Ernst Lubitsch (photographs)

12. MC Et Moi, Gretchen Weinberg

13. Love in Movies, Tuli Kupferberg

14. The Writings of Dziga Vertov

15. Dziga Vertov (photographs)

16. Independents (photographs)

17. From Alienation to Cinema, Edouard de Laurot

18. Excerpts From Notes on the New American Cinema, Jonas Mekas

19. A Statement, Ron Rice

20. Anti-Dotes For Poisoned Movies, Stan Vanderbeek

21. Notes, Stan Brakhage

22. An Interview With Seymour Stern, Herman G. Weinberg

23. Roman Notebook, Storm De Hirsch

24. New American Cinema in Stockholm, Nils-Hugo Geber

25. Two Samples of Film Work By Children, DeeDee Halleck

26. Books, Magazines

Index of Images

John Ford (1932) and Wallace Beery, During the Shooting of Flesh, John Ford photographs — courtesy of the Film Library, Museum of Modern Art, New York

John Ford (1933), Shooting Pilgrimage, On Location at Norwalk, California

John Ford (1934), with Heather Angel and Madeline Carroll, During the Shooting of The World Moves On

John Ford (1935), Shooting The Whole Town’s Talking With Jean Arthur and Edward G. Robinson

John Ford (1939) and Tim Holt, During the Shooting of Stagecoach

John Ford (1941), Shooting The Battle of Midway

John Ford (1950), Maureen O’Hara, and John Wayne, During the Shooting of Rio Grande at Moab, Utah

John Ford (1961), Shooting The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

Ernst Lubitsch (1926) Visits the Set of Paul Bern, Scenarist of The Marriage Circle, While Bern Is Shooting Open All Night. Viola Dana. Ernst Lubitsch photographs — courtesy of H. G. Weinberg

Ernst Lubitsch Directs The Patriot at Paramount (1928)

Lubitsch Visits Claudette Colbert on the Set of Sign of the Cross (1932), Directed By Cecil B. De Mille

Ernst Lubitsch and Miriam Hopkins on the Set of Trouble in Paradise (1933)

Dziga Vertov (1896-1954)

Jerome Hill (With the Megaphone) Shooting Peacock Feathers in Greenwich Connecticut

Rick Carrier, Director of Strangers in the City Is Shooting His Second Feature This Summer in Provincetown

Louis Clyde Stoumen, Director of the Just Completed Black Fox, A Feature Length Documentary On Adolf Hitler, Marlene Dietrich Narrates The Film


Arbe Originals (fashion)

N.Y. Film Bulletin (magazine)

Video Film Laboratories

Moderna Museets Filmstudio (museum in Stockholm)

The Quarantine, a drama of contemporary America, written and directed by Edouard De Laurot

Hansom Books (bookstore in London promoting “Films and Filming” magazine)

Film-Maker’s Cooperative

Contemporary films, inc. (distributor promoting Alain Resnais’ Night and Fog)

The Janus Film Library (distributor promoting 16mm non-theatrical titles)

New Yorker (movie theater)

Carnegie Hall Cinema (movie theater)

Audio Film Center Libraries (distributor promoting 16mm releases)

Brandon Films, Inc. (film distributor)