Underground Film Journal

Film Culture: Issue 24

Film Culture issue 24 cover featuring a photo of filmmaker Francois Truffaut directing a scene

Published: 1962; 100 pages

Editor-in-Chief and Publisher: Jonas Mekas. Editors: Louis Brigante, George N. Fenin, Edouard de Laurot, Adolfas Mekas, Andrew Sarris, Gilbert Seldes, P. Adams Sitney, David C. Stone.

Copyright, 1962 by Film Culture. Printed in the U.S.A. The opinions expressed by the contributors do not necessarily represent those of the editors. Publishers’ Printing Representative: Harry Gantt. Distributed by Eastern News Distributors, Inc.

A NOTE TO OUR READERS: We have had Our Bad Times. Every issue of FC was our last issue. Every Spring was our last Spring. This Spring, however, is full of green buds. An angel has passed by. So, beginning with the current issue, FC will appear regularly, four times a year. We thank you for your patience and consistent support — and we bless the coming of Spring.

Cover Picture: Francois Truffaut shooting Jules et Jim.


1. To Maya Deren, Rudolf Arnheim

2. Fourth Independent Film Award

3. Notes on the New American Cinema, Jonas Mekas

4. The Deep-Frozen Eye of God, Richard Preston

5. Foundation for the Invention and Creation of Absurd Movies, Ron Rice

6. The Future of the New American Cinema, Edouard de Laurot

7. Glossary of the New American Cinema

8. Once More on the New Generation, Alexsander Karaganov

9. Rogosin and Documentary, Peter Davis

10. For Shadows, Against Pull My Daisy — An Argument, Parker Tyler

11. Three New Italian Film-makers, Louis Brigante

12. Ermanno Olmi, George Paul Solomos

13. Notes on Banditi a Orgosolo, Vittorio De Seta

14. Cinematic and Literary Stylistic Figures, Pier Paolo Pasolini

15. Making a Film Is My Way of Life, Michelangelo Antonioni

16. A Talk With Michelangelo Antonioni

17. The High Forties Revisited, Andrew Sarris

18. Coffee, Brandy & Cigars XXXVI, Herman G. Weinberg

19. On Viridiana, Luis Bunuel

20. Interview With Luis Bunuel, Kenji Kanesaka

21. Viridiana, Emilio G. Riera

22. La Notte and L’avventura, Guido Aristarco

23. A Note on Stan Brakhage, Donald Sutherland

24. Japanese Cinema 1961, M. Iwabutchi

25. Spoleto Film Exposition, 1961

26. International Film Festivals — 1962

27. Mar Del Plata Festival, Jonas Mekas

28. Province-and-Providential Letter, Stan Brakhage

29. If the Actor Is the Audience, Stan Vanderbeek

30. Books, Magazines Received

Index of Images

Signed photo of Maya Deren to Jonas Mekas

From The Flower Thief, directed by Ron Rice, with Taylor Mead (6 film stills)

Director of The Flower Thief: Ron Rice (4 portraits)

Stanley Brakhage (portrait)

At last: An ideal subject for Cinemascope (photo of over a dozen men carrying a long pole or pipe)

Michelangelo Antonioni shooting L’eclisse

Vittorio De Seta shooting Banditi a Orgosolo

Pier Paolo Pasolini shooting Accattone

Ermanno Olmi shooting Il Posto

Fritz Lang (portrait)

Josef Von Sternberg and Marlene Dietrich on the set of The Scarlet Empress

Josef Von Sternberg shooting Anathan

Howard Hawks shooting Hatari! (Paramount) 27 films of Howard Hawks will be screened in a retrospective show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, May 31 – Sept. 1. The program was arranged, and a special monograph written by Peter Bogdanovich.

The New American Cinema director, Harold Humes (Don Peyote), casts his second film. Photo: Gin Briggs (Note: Photo is of Humes being hauled off by two police officers)

In Spoleto, Summer 1961


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