Underground Film Journal

Film Culture: Issue 22-23 (Double Issue)

Cover to Film Culture issue 22-23 double issue

Published: 1961; 208 pages

Editor-in-Chief and Publisher: Jonas Mekas. Editors: George N. Fenin, Edouard de Laurot, Adolfas Mekas, Gilbert Seldes, Louis Brigante, Arlene Croce, Andrew Sarris. Layout: George Maciunas. Correspondents: Guido Aristarco, Italy; Francis Bolen, Belgium; J. Broz, Czechoslovakia; Jose Clemente, Spain; Eugenio Hintz, Uruguay; E. Patalas, W. Germany; Tony Richardson, England.

Copyright, 1961 by Film Culture. Printed in the U.S.A. Publisher’s Printing Representative: Harry Gantt. The opinions expressed by the contributors do not necessarily represent those of the editors.


1. Illustrations

2. Editorial

3. Third Independent Film Award

4. The Frontiers of Realist Cinema: The Work of Ricky Leacock, an Interview

5. For an Uncontrolled Cinema, Ricky Leacock

6. Declamation on Film, Parker Tyler

7. Debasement of the Art of Montage, Henri Colpi

8. Montage, Mon Beau Souci, Jean-Luc Godard

9. The Meaning of Montage, Andre Bazin

10. The Forbidden Montage, Andre Bazin

11. Montage 1960, Sergei Yutkevich

12. Sound Montage: A Propos de Ruttmann, Paul Falkenberg

13. What Is Mise-en-Scene?, Alexandre Astruc

14. Reflections On the Film Actor, Michelangelo Antonioni

15. The Director’s Game, Andrew Sarris

16. A Modern Hero: The Nongenue, A.J. Alexander

17. A New Look at an ‘Old Sneeze’, Gordon Hendricks

18. Hysteria and Authoritarianism in the Films of Robert Aldrich, Ian Jarvie

19. California Diary, H.G. Weinberg

20. Mar del Plata Film Festival, G.N. Fenin

21. The New American Cinema Group

22. The First Statement of the Group

23. Film Unions & the Low-Budget Independent, Degangi, Stoumen, Van Dyke, Shirley Clarke, Mekas

24. Methods and Problems of Film Financing, Lewis Allen, J.M. Perlman, Don Gillin, Emile de Antonio

25. On A Film In Progress, Maya Deren

26. A Statement of Principles, Maya Deren

27. On Two Films, Robert Breer

28. On the End of Audiences, Len Lye

29. On Night Tide, Curtis Harrington

30. On Science Friction, Stanley Vanderbeek

31. Know Any Way Out?, Stanley Brakhage

32. On Serenity, Gregory Markopoulos

33. Giro Di Roma — A Film Script, Edouard de Laurot

Index of Images

Shirley Clarke, during the shooting of The Connection

from The Connection

Argus Speare Juilliard and Frank Kuenstler, in Guns of the Trees, directed by Jonas Mekas

composer Alec Wilder, in a scene from The Sand Castle, directed by Jerome Hill

Big Sneeze, (see Gordon Hendricks article on p. 90)

Ricky Leacock

Al Maysles, during the shooting of Primary

a sequence from Inner & Outer Space, by Robert Breer

Dennis Hopper in a scene from Night Tide, directed by Curtis Harrington


ag 925 Madison Av. (a gallery space set up by George Maciunas)

Russian-English Dictionary of Technology, Science and Art of Cinematography (a book)

Bread & (a magazine / journal)

Four Screenplays of Ingmar Bergman (a book)

Cinema 16 (a screening series / film club)

Allen-Hodgdon Productions, promoting The Connection

FC Film Unit, Inc. (selling common stock shares in this film production company)

Emile de Antonio Inc. (a film production company)

Contemporary Films, Inc. (a film distributor)

Brandon Films, Inc. (a film distributor)

Spoleto Film Exposition (June 16 through July 15)