Underground Film Journal

Film Culture: Issue 20

Film Culture cover to issue 20 featuring an image of Orson Welles in Touch of Evil

Published: 1959; 96 pages

Editor-in-Chief and Publisher: Jonas Mekas. Editors: George N. Fenin, Edouard Laurot, Adolfas Mekas, Gilbert Seldes, Eugene Archer, Louis Brigante, Arlene Croce, Andrew Sarris. Layout: George Maciunas. Correspondents: Guido Aristarco, Italy; Francis Bolen, Belgium; J. Broz, Czechoslovakia; Jose Clemente, Spain; Eugenio Hintz, Uruguay; E. Patalas, W. Germany; Tony Richardson, England.

Copyright, 1959 by FILM CULTURE. Printed in the U.S.A. Publisher’s Printing Representative: Harry Gantt. Distributor for retail sale: B. de Boer, 102 Beverly Road, Bloomfield, N.J. The opinions expressed by the contributors do not necessarily represent those of the editors.

Cover Picture: Orson Welles in Touch of Evil


1. Editorial Note, Jonas Mekas

2. First Outline for a Film on Peace, Cesare Zavattini

3. Vive La Guerre!, Edouard de Laurot

4. Flaherty and Tabu, Richard Griffith

5. A few Reminiscences, David Flaherty

6. Turia, An Original Story, Murnau, Flaherty

7. Tabu, A Story of the South Seas, Murnau, Flaherty

8. Neorealist Cinematography, Nestor Almendros

9. The Early Work of Bresson, Richard Roud

10. Willard Maas, Parker Tyler

11. The European Western, G.N. Fenin and W.K. Everson

12. A Letter From Mexico, Adolfas Mekas

13. Touch of Evil, H.G.W. (Herman G. Weinberg)

14. Ivan The Terrible, Part Two, H.G.W. (Herman G. Weinberg)

15. Coffee, Brandy and Cigars, XXXII, H.G. Weinberg

16. Books

Index of Images

from Pull My Daisy, by Robert Frank and Alfred Leslie

from Pull My Daisy

from Pull My Daisy (left to right: Peter Orlowski, Gregory Corso, Allen Ginsberg)

John Cassavetes (second from the right) with his crew, during the shooting of Shadows (photo: Marvin Lichtner

Luchino Visconti (in the center) and R. Aldo (by the camera) during the shooting of La Terra Trema

Robert Bresson

Edouard de Laurot (profile, on the right) during the shooting of Rome O’clock


Soviet Film (A monthly publication from Four Content Book Corporation)

Vincente Minnelli by Catherine de la Roche (A monograph from the New Zealand Film Institute)

Memory Shop (A store in Manhattan)

Film Quarterly (A film journal)

Film: An Anthology, edited by Daniel Talbot (A book collecting writing on film)

The Film Center of the Young Men’s and Young Women’s Hebrew Association (A screening series)

Contemporary Films (A film distributor)

Brandon Films (A film distributor)