Underground Film Journal

Film Culture: Issue 19

Cover to Film Culture issue 19 that has an image to the film Pather Panchali

Published: 1959; 104 pages

Editor-in-Chief and Publisher: Jonas Mekas. Editors: George N. Fenin, Edouard Laurot, Adolfas Mekas, Gilbert Seldes, Eugene Archer, Louis Brigante, Arlene Croce, Andrew Sarris

Copyright, 1959 by FILM CULTURE. Printed in the U.S.A. Publisher’s Printing Representative: Harry Gantt. Distributor for retail sale: B. de Boer, 102 Beverly Road, Bloomfield, N.J. The opinions expressed by the contributors do not necessarily represent those of the editors.

Cover Picture: Pather Panchali


1. A Call for a New Generation of Film Makers, Jonas Mekas

2. What’s Wrong With Hollywood?, John Cassavetes

3. Morning for the Experimental Film, Lewis Jacobs

4. Toward True Cinema, Slavko Vorkapich

5. What’s Wrong With Television Drama (Seven television writers give reasons why they prefer theatre and cinema.) R. Allen Aurthur, Paddy Chayefsky, Sumner L. Elliot, James Lee, J.P. Miller, Tad Mosel, David Shaw, David Susskind

6. Sidney Peterson, Parker Tyler

7. Pather Panchali and Aparajito, Arlene Croce

8. The Seventh Seal, Andrew Sarris

9. Coffee, Brandy and Cigars, H.G. Weinberg

10. John Huston – the Hemingway Tradition in American Film, Eugene Archer

11. Books

12. The Independent Film Award (the back cover)

Index of Images

(other than the cover image, there are no images in this issue of Film Culture)


Contemporary Films (a film distributor)

Big Table 1 (a literary journal)

Film File (a film catalog)

Film Quarterly (a film journal)

James Agee on Film (a book on film criticism)

Back Cover

(The first Independent Film Award is given to John Cassavetes’s Shadows, dated January 26, 1959.)

(Credits for Shadows are listed as: Producer: Maurice McEndree; assistant producer Seymour Cassel. Director: John Cassavetes. Cameraman: Erick Kolmar. Editor: Len Appleson. Music: Charles Mingus. In the cast: Ben Carruthers, Lelia Goldoni, Rupert Crosse, Hugh Heard, Tony Ray, Tom Allen, Dennis Sallas, David Pokitelow, and others.)