Underground Film Journal

Film Culture: Issue 11 (vol. 3 No. 1)

Cover to Film Culture magazine issue 11 featuring a film still from the movie Raices

Published: 1957; 32 pages.

Editor in Chief and Publisher: Jonas MekasEditors: Edouard de Laurot, George N. Fenin, Adolfas MekasAssociate Editors: Eugene Archer, Louis Brigante, Arlene Croce, Andrew Sarris. Layout: George Maciunas.

Foreign Correspondents: Guido Aristarco, Italy; Francis Bolen, Belgium; Jaroslav Broz, Czechoslovakia; Jose Clemente, Spain; Lotte H. Eisner, France; Eugenio Hintz, Uruguay; Enno Patalas, West Germany; Tony Richardson, England.

Copyright, 1956 by FILM CULTURE. The opinions expressed by the contributors do not necessarily represent those of the editors. Printed in the U.S.A.

Publisher’s Printing Representative
HARRY GANTT, 360 Cabrini Blvd., New York 40, N. Y.

ON THE COVER: From Raices, directed by Benito Alazraki. And Edward Harrison release.


1. Editorial, Jonas Mekas

2. George Stevens and the American Dream, Eugene Archer

3. Hans Richter on the Nature of Film Poetry, Jonas Mekas

4. Epic and Dramatic Film, Rudolf Arnheim

5. Carol Reed in the Context of his Time, Andrew Sarris

6. We Are All Murderers, Arlene Croce

7. Raices, Herman G. Weinberg

8. Edge of the City, Jonathan Baumbach

9. Baby Doll, Andrew Sarris

10. On the 16mmm Screen, Frank Kuenstler

11. Learning the Film at UCLA, Daniel Lusa

12. Misc., Richard Kraft

13. Coffee, Brandy and Cigars (XXV), Herman G. Weinberg

14. Chronology of George Stevens’ Films

15. Books

Index of Images

unlabeled promotional image of Giant

small unlabeled photo of Hans Richter

unlabeled (and unknown at this time) film still, possibly of a Hans Richter film

unlabeled (and unknown at this time) film still, possibly of another Hans Richter film

unlabeled photo, possibly of filmmaker André Cayatte

two unlabeled film stills from the film Raices

three unlabeled film stills from the film Baby Doll

unlabeled film still from A Place in the Sun (aka An American Tragedy)


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