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DVD Underground: Un Chien Andalou

DVD cover of classic film Un Chien Andalou

Official Description: Buñuel’s first film, the surrealistic masterpiece Un Chien Andalou, was based after an exchange of dreams with co-writer Salvador Dali. This tale of desire, opening innocuously enough with the familiar words “Once Upon A Time”, contains one of the most memorable scenes in cinema history—a razor blade slashing an eyeball. Made in Paris in 1929, it aims to provoke rather than please its audience.

Distributor: Transflux Films

Availability: Amazon


  1. Un Chien Andalou (1929), dir. Luis Buñuel; wrt. Buñuel, Salvador Dali

Special Features:

  1. A Slice of Buñuel, a documentary featuring Buñuel’s son, Juan-Luis, 16 min
  2. Epilogue: Buñuel & Dali, 5 min
  3. Commentary by Surrealism expert Stephen Barber, author of Blows and Bombs: Antonin Artaud
  4. Mystery of Cinema, excerpts from Luis Buñuel’s 1953 speech

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