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In Robert Putka’s comedy short film Mouthful a young couple navigate the complex emotional realities of learning a little too much about your lover.

Run Run It’s Him

Matthew Pollack’s Run Run It’s Him is a complex, autobiographical documentary about the filmmaker’s lifelong addiction to pornography.


The documentary Scrap by Paul von Stoetzel is an artful documentary about two American iconoclast artists: Jim Bishop and Tom Every.

Felony Flats

Felony Flats is a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde allegory in which director Bob Moricz unleashes his unappealing alter ego, Todd, loose on the world.

Beneath Contempt

Beneath Contempt, Benjamin Brewer’s debut feature film, is a refreshingly mature work, filled with genuine emotion and feeling.


Profane is Iraqi-American filmmaker Usama Alshaibi’s visionary film about a Muslim sex worker suffering through a spiritual crisis.