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With its three-letter title and directed by the singularly named Elias, it’s no surprise that Gut is about as minimal a horror movie can be and still be considered a horror movie.

Zero Killed

Michael Kosakowski’s Zero Killed is a documentary that explores everyday people’s murder fantasies, confessed on camera, then acted out in a short fictional film.

President Wolfman

With President Wolfman, filmmaker Mike Davis has proven that his “Green” moviemaking technique of using public domain footage can make one hell of a uniquely original new film.

Where We Started

Chris Hansen’s third feature film explores what happens when two strangers, who are married to other people, meet at a motel and consider having an affair with each other.


Foxfur by Damon Packard is a blustery whirlwind of UFO conspiracies, time travel, pop culture references and other sci-fi concepts stuffed into a thrill-packed motion picture.

The Silent Thief

The Silent Thief is the debut feature film by Jennifer Clary and stars Toby Hemingway as a grifter who seduces a suburban family. Also stars Scout Taylor-Compton and Frances Fisher.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day, an outrageous horror comedy by Astron-6 and Troma, is an over-the-top gorefest about the hunt for a serial killer who targets other people’s dads.

The Bunny Game

Adam Rehmeier’s horror movie The Bunny Game subverts the notion of the strong heroine who challenges the boogeyman found in other movies of the genre.

Window On Your Present

Window on Your Present is a late ’80s film by Spike Lee’s brother Cinque Lee that’s been resurrected and is a beautiful tale about a world without love or color.


Flamingos by Antero Alli is thoroughly remarkable in the way it packs engaging layers of honest emotional and spiritual musings in an extremely constricting framework.