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On DVD: Sex Galaxy

Now you can get Mike Davis’ raunchy, recycled sci-fi flick Sex Galaxy on DVD, which mixed hilarious vulgar comedy with real wit and style.

Solar Anus Cinema

For Solar Anus Cinema, Usama Alshaibi has collected nine short transgressive film portraits of different women, plus his longer comedy The Amateurs.

Sex Galaxy

Mike Davis’ Sex Galaxy has more in common with Woody Allen’s What’s Up, Tiger Lily? than the narrative collage work of Craig Baldwin.

Marta’s Sex Tape

Marta’s Sex Tape is a big, bold and tremendously sexy film by Anthony Rivero Stabley with the plot shot at us at a breakneck pace.

Sex: The Annabel Chong Story

At the time this documentary was filmed, in addition to being a porn star, Annabel was a student in USC majoring in Sexology. Annabel explains that she decided to do the massive gangbang to “shake up” modern notions of female sexuality, that the gangbang would “empower” women and show that they can be as aggressive about the sexual act as men are. Like a badly written action movie that telegraphs the ending of the film within the first five minutes, it’s pretty obvious how SEX is going to end.