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2011 Denver Underground Film Festival: Award Winners

By Mike Everleth ⋅ November 25, 2011

2011 Denver Underground Film Festival logo

This year’s Denver Underground Film Festival, held back on Nov. 11-13, featured two nights of short film programs and one feature film documentary screening. For the short films, the fest handed out a handful of awards and listed about half-dozen honorable mentions. The full list of winners and mentions is below.

In addition to just naming the winners, the fest included the reasons they felt each film earned its award. Awards were given out based on cinematography, audience reaction, film themes, filmmaking techniques and other reasons. These reasons are also included with each winner in the list.


Best Narrative Short
Wind, dir. M. Manikandan
In recognition of its imaginative usage of a minimal number of stage elements and props in a purely natural environment to tell a simple, but powerful story and for its superb cinematography.

Best Experimental Short
Beauty Evaporates, dir. June Kyu Park
For its paradoxical use of video and film to convey the tragedy of the gradual disappearance of the film medium and for its superb cinematography.

Best Animated Short
Revise / Disguise, dir. Madsen Minax
For using the medium of animation to present a personal and social message.

Best Documentary
SHADOWCASTER: The Alchemical Visions of Zosimos, dir. Justin C. Larwick
For taking the audience into unexpected places of extreme and fascinating rituals.

Audience Choice
Practical Manual for the Imaginary Friend, dir. Ciro Altabás
For most laughs and praise from the audience and for its magnificent soundtrack.

Best Music Video
Baby Love Hurts, dir. Damien Ferland and Travis Cole
For its excellent cinematography, scenery and editing work.


Blue Rose, dir. Ox Danielson
In recognition of his usage and preservation of the 16mm film medium.

Red Box Black Ribbon, dir. Stacy Barton
For its positive social message and for advancing and continuing filmmaking in Colorado.

Thy Kill Be Done, dir. Greg Hanson & Casey Regan (Watch online)
For its irreverence and humor and lots of audience laughs.

Frozen Dead Guy Days, dir. S.H. Johnson
For showcasing an unusual Colorado tradition to the world and for continuing and preserving filmmaking in Colorado.

Vetro, dir. Valentina Arena
For its excellent cinematography and social message on the futility of government bureaucracy.

Flora and Dream, dir. Pei-Shih Tu
For its conscisouness raising efforts about the mismanagement of natural resources in Taiwan.

Doll Factory, dir. Ainhoa Menéndez
For its message of perseverance and integrity in the face of adversity and for its superb cinematography.