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2009 San Antonio Film Festival: Call For Entries — UPDATED

By Mike Everleth ⋅ January 18, 2009

San Antinio Film Festival

Last year, the San Antonio Film Festival dropped the word “underground” from their name, yet still managed to put on a really rockin’ fest. Hey, what’s in a name, really? It’s the spirit that counts, ain’t it? Festival director Adam Rocha puts on a helluva one and we salute him for it.

While I don’t have dates yet for this year’s fest, it usually runs sometime in June. However, what I do have are dates for the two upcoming deadlines. Dates and fees are updated!

Regular Deadline:
May 1

Late Deadline:
May 15

If you want a feel for the festival to see what types of films they might be looking for — beyond the general features, shorts, docs, etc. type categories — check out last year’s lineup to see what got in.

For entry forms and more info, please visit their official site in general and their submission page specifically.

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