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2008 Sydney Underground Film Festival: Call For Entries

By Mike Everleth ⋅ January 18, 2008

It looks like Australia now has two bona fide successful underground film festivals now. Yeah, Melbourne’s been a radical institution for years thanks to fest director Richard Wolstencroft‘s diligence and hard work. But last year saw the debut of the Sydney Underground Film Festival, organized by filmmaker Stefan Popescu, that was such a raging success they’re pulling it off again this year.

This year’s SUFF will be held Sept. 11 – 14 at the Factory Theatre in Sydney’s inner west. Not sure what “inner west” means, but that’s what they tells me. Also, if you’ve been rejected by any other film festival, just include your rejection letter, and SUFF will take 5 bucks off your entry fee. If you want to know what they’re looking for, you can view last year’s lineup as a guide and here’s there mission statement:

The festival programs quality indie / experimental / arthouse films from Australia and around the world and is organised by a committed group of filmmakers, who understand the need for a sustainable and thriving alternative film culture.
The Sydney Underground Film Festival provides a platform for exhibition, exposure and critical discussion. The organisers are devoted to renewing local interest in independent and experimental film as part of an international underground film culture.

Nice. Here’s your two deadlines to get your films in and, remember, the dollar amounts are in Australian dollars:

Earlybird Deadline:
March 28

Fees: (Over 30 mins.): $40
(Under 30 mins.): $30
(Student entry): $25

Regular Deadline:
April 25

Fees: (Over 30 mins.): $44
(Under 30 mins.): $35
(Student entry): $30

For more info and full submission guidelines, please visit the official SUFF website.