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Underground Film Links: November 14, 2010

By Mike Everleth ⋅ November 14, 2010

  1. Going to start off a little differently this week. I was chatting over email this week with Brett Kashmere about the history of Canadian experimental and avant-garde film. Well, more like the lack of much written about that history. So, a few Canadian links! First, the Canadian Encyclopedia has an entry on Film, Experimental.
  2. Film Reference also has a brief article covering Canadian experimental film.
  3. This is a PDF link, so you might want to download first: For his Masters in Fine Art degree from York University, Gerald Saul wrote a thesis on the Canadian avant-garde in the ’90s. Actually, Saul’s website in general has some good resources on it.
  4. Barbara Sternberg has an old article about the rise of Canadian experimental in the ’70s, reprinted from the 1991 catalog “The Visual Aspect: Recent Canadian Experimental Films.”
  5. Mike Hoolboom has reviews and details of his book Inside the Pleasure Dome: Fringe Film in Canada.
  6. For Synoptique, Gerda Johanna Cammaer covers “Canadian Experimental Cinema since the 1990s.”
  7. Finally, Brett Kashmere himself profiled Arthur Lipsett for Senses of Cinema.
  8. Now, onto other links from around the world: Prior to his recent hassling by the Australian authorities, Richard Wolstencroft posted photos of his trip to Thailand where he’s been working on his most recent film.
  9. Making Light of It has more awesome scans this week. First, an invitation to a Maya Deren Haitian voodoo party. Next, a telegram announcing the formation of the London Filmmakers Cooperative in 1966. Lastly, photos of Guvnor Nelson, Robert Nelson, Storm de Hirsch and Rose Lowder.
  10. Legendary portrait artist Drew Friedman tackles one of the most famous faces in cinema history: Schlitzie! Ah, you’ll recognize him as soon as you see the drawing.
  11. Landscape Suicide posts the transcript of a recent interview with Jean-Luc Godard about the early Cahiers du Cinema days and why he didn’t bother to show up for the Academy’s Governors Award ceremony.
  12. Mike White ponders and frets on why his non-cult cinema friends and co-workers aren’t more supportive. (Sadly, this is just the way it goes.)
  13. Donna k. can’t stop gushing about Houston.
  14. Bill Plympton intros his recent adventures in Los Angeles for his screening of Idiots & Angels.
  15. On Electric Sheep, Sarah Cronin and Alex Pashby review the Japanese films that screened at the 18th annual Raindance Film Festival. Plus, Virginie Sélavy interviews current indie golden boy Apichatpong Weerasethakul.
  16. ABC Gold Coast in Australia profiles filmmaker Joseph Sims regarding the Queensland premiere of his film Bad Behavior.
  17. Andrea Grover is slowly making her way through “A Report on the Art and Technology Program at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.” Brave woman.
  18. DINCA has a tapestry by late filmmaker Bruce Conner, “Christ Casting Out the Legion of Devils.”
  19. If you read German, you can read an interview with South African filmmaker Aryan Kaganof.
  20. Not film and not underground, but I thought WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg’s musings on releasing products before they’re perfect to be very inspiring and apropos of life in general. That’s why I always announce¬†the Underground Film Journal projects I’m working on when they’re really not ready for public consumption at all.

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