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On Fandor: Mike Plante’s Be Like An Ant

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 12, 2012

Mike Plante‘s first feature-length documentary Be Like an Ant is now available for viewing on the indie film website Fandor. The doc profiles Paul, a Vietnam veteran who built his own four-floor house with his own hands around his old crummy mobile home. No blueprints. No building permits. No mortgage. And a 30-year commitment. Consider joining up for Fandor if you aren’t member already and watch the film here.

Plante has been a film journalist, curator, distributor and festival programmer for many years and previously directed the short documentary Razorcake, as well as made short videos for the Sundance Film Festival.

For more info, please visit the film’s official website. Or just go ahead and watch it on Fandor.

Poster for the documentary Be Like an Ant