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May 29, 2022

Surf Theatre: ’60s Underground Film Screenings

Cover to the 1964 Fall screening program for the Surf Theatre in San Francisco

The Surf Theatre in San Francisco was a beloved independent movie theater located at 4520 Irving Street, just a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean.

In the 1960s, the Surf jumped on the underground film bandwagon, occasionally screening the typical "midnight movies" shorts programs of the time; as well as sprinkling in feature-length underground cinema among their usual repertoire of foreign films and second-run independent movies.

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Online Cinema

April 28, 2022

ISM ISM — Manuel DeLanda

ISM ISM by Manuel DeLanda (1979).

ISM ISM is a documentary chronicling director Manuel DeLanda's own graffiti work. He focuses on his collage manipulation of public advertisements -- primarily cigarette ads -- as well as spray-painted philosophical text. The film was shot in Super 8mm and blown up to 16mm.

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