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Who Took Johnny Opens To Great Box Office Numbers

By Mike Everleth ⋅ May 6, 2015

Movie poster featuring Johnny Gosch

Following an award-winning festival run, the provocative and thrilling documentary Who Took Johnny has opened to great box office numbers and packed screenings in the American Mid-West.

Opening on April 24 at the Fleur Cinema & Cafe in Des Moines, Iowa, the film has so far grossed almost $14,000 in total box office receipts. The film’s run at the Fleur Cinema will end on Thursday, May 7 and it will then move on to other theaters in the Mid-West.

Directed by the acclaimed filmmaking team of David Beilinson, Michael Galinsky and Suki Hawley , Who Took Johnny is a documentary thriller that digs deep into the controversial case of Johnny Gosch, who disappeared in 1982 at the age of 12 while delivering newspapers — and who has never been found.

In those days before “Amber Alerts,” the ramifications of Johnny’s disappearance would forever alter the way missing child cases would be handled by law enforcement and by society at large. Johnny would become the first missing child to ever appear on a milk carton.

The film also examines several conspiracies surrounding Johnny’s kidnapping, including his mother Noreen’s assertions — as well as the assertions of others — that Johnny was taken by a pedophile ring managed by politicians and other men of respect.

Who Took Johnny is an edge-of-your-seat documentary thriller and is being self-distributed by RUMUR, the film production company run by Galinsky, Hawley and Beilinson. Galinsky has written a terrific article about the art of self-distribution on the RUMUR blog.

Theaters wanting to book Who Took Johnny can contact RUMUR at their website or read more about the film there.

Watch the trailer for Who Took Johnny:

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