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Where in North America Are the Underground Film Festivals?

By Mike Everleth ⋅ June 18, 2006

Wonder no longer! I figured with confusing names like the New York Underground Film Festival and the Chicago Underground Film Festival, people may not know in which cities these festivals are actually held.

So, using the Wayfaring map site, I’ve pinpointed the cities where all the North American underground film fests are located. You can either view it at this link or check it out embedded into this post below. (Sorry, Lausanne, Paris and Melbourne, but I couldn’t get the maps to show detailed info for your areas.)

Right now I’ve got 25 fests in no particular order and in the future I may add actual theaters where the fests are held. That’s easy for like NYUFF, which is always held at the Anthology Film Archives, but I know other festivals bounce around and are sometimes held at two theaters simultaneously. Anyway, this was just a fun project I thought I’d throw together and I hope you enjoy it: