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Watch Underground Film History: 1999 Craig Baldwin Arrives For “Spectres Of The Spectrum”

By Mike Everleth ⋅ October 30, 2013

Collage narrative filmmaker Craig Baldwin arrives for the November 3, 1999 San Francisco screening of his feature film Spectres of the Spectrum at the Castro Theater, caught on video by Peter Hinds. The above video also includes brief clips from the film, one response during a post-screening Q&A session with Baldwin, and Baldwin’s post-screening exit where he runs into a devoted fan on the street.

While the Underground Film Journal doesn’t know the exact release schedule for Spectres of the Spectrum, guessing from the high energy of the crowd and of Baldwin, this does appear to be the hometown premiere of the film. However, it’s most likely the film previously screened outside of San Francisco.

We also wish there was more of Baldwin’s Q&A session included in the video, but the snippet that does appear is an excellent capsulization of how the filmmaker discusses his process. Following what he says sometimes isn’t the easiest, but it’s always fascinating and entertaining to listen to.

Spectres of the Spectrum is available to purchase on DVD at Amazon.

Filmmaker Craig Baldwin gets a flower placed in his lapel